5 August 2018

Why I will never use traditional methods to tidy a Mane or Tail again

For those of you who have watched my tutorials, you will know I’m a huge fan of creating a neat and tidy look, but by utilising the wonders of our modern world and making life easier and less painful for both myself and the horse.

This is not born from laziness, it simply from the empathy of the horse and being an extremely head sore ‘human’ myself.

I confessed this once and ended up in a debate one day, with a more traditional horse woman…who simply told me I was ‘humanising’ the horse’s feeling’s and that in no uncertain terms ‘being ridiculous’

This really upset me…..My love of ‘The Horse’ derived from it’s kind and gentle soul, it’s un seeming empathy and it’s ability to care and rehabilitate. I have always aspired to reciprocate this gentleness and somehow repay my debt, hence finding and utilising kinder methods.

So I went to find some supporting evidence, to satisfy my own curiosity and there are several studies, containing the same astonishing data, and I think if we educated ourselves more on these matters of welfare, perhaps we’d become more aware of our horse’s needs.

All sets of data, were carried out over a period of 8 weeks, using both manes and tails and all done by the same ‘puller’ … (let me remind you, these are all separate locations and separate studies, this is research I’ve found on the internet from different professionals, non of these are linked studies) consistently EVERY horse’s heartbeat increased massively, having a huge impact on internal stress levels and some exhibited external stress behaviours,  for eg. pulling back, tightening of the mouth and sometimes rearing…

So why do some horse’s accept??

The sad reality is,  Horse’s are ‘Passive Copers’ some cope better than others just as they differ in the training process.

Using modern tools, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the overall finish, by utilising the ease of blade, rakes and combs you can create a really beautiful, pain free result ‘Perfect’ for the show ring.

Follow our tutorials as this is something I’m going to cover very soon…


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