Wonder Oil & Wonder Spritz Duo


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*At Perfect Ponies, we are passionate about our environment and the legacy we leave our children! Making our mark by reducing our plastic consumption.*

Our ‘Wonderful’ Duo is a MUST for producing luscious locks,

From detangling, promoting healthy hair growth to the most exquisite shine! You won’t be disappointed.

Wonder Oil

The most versatile natural oil, used to promote healthy skin and hair growth. Which can also be doubled up as a pre & post exercise tonic. Helping to develop correct muscle tone.

By using Apricot Kernel Oil & the finest blend of essential oils, this oil is perfect for use on legs, feathers, tails & manes. It is not only a wonderful conditioner, but our chosen blend of essential oils are proven to improve cellular generation, stimulating both hair thickness and growth!!

Better still they are anti microbial, help curb skin inflammation and balance the PH level of the skin, giving you strong healthy hair growth!

This is such an amazing product and MUST for the yard!

🌻 Post bath; condition, seal the hair follicles, therapeutic properties to ease tired muscles.

🌻 Itchy tails; anti fungal, anti microbial and super conditioning properties it’s the perfect tonic for those itchy ponies (big & small)

🌻 Prevents & treats mites.

🌻 Pre workout treatment; grooming is essential pre workout it stimulates blood flow, loosens any tight or tired muscles from the day before, our blend of essential oils in wonder oil has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties so it makes a wonderful pre workout tonic.

🌻 Apply after washing feathers, tail and mane, keeping them luscious, thick and strong.

🌻 Apply to shoulders to prevent rubbing and to stimulate growth on already bald spots.

🌻 Stimulates hair regrowth! Perfect for those ponies who rub. Apply to manes and tails especially in area of rugs, this will prevent thinning of the hair and dry skin caused by rugging, which in turn causing them to rub.

For best results we recommend you us in conjunction with one of our natural shampoo’s.

Wonder Spritz

A wonderfully lightweight, nourishing and repairing detangle spritz.

Essential for conditioning and maintaining healthy Manes, Tails and Feathers for luscious locks.

🌻 High in Pro vitamin B5

🌻 Enriched with Camelina Savita Oil a (natures highest source of Omega 3 Omega 6 oils)

🌻 Anti fungal

🌻 Anti microbial

🌻 Prevents mites

🌻 Stimulates hair growth

🌻 No residue

🌻 Perfect all year round treatment for luscious locks

🌻 Smells divine


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