Repel Shampoo & Spray Duo


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*At Perfect Ponies, we are passionate about our environment and the legacy we leave our children! Making our mark by reducing our plastic consumption.*

The perfect bug busting duo. From fly’s, mites to sweet itch this duo is the most powerful combination of carefully blended essential oils to get rid of mites, repel flies & treat sweet itch and other irritants of the skin.

Repel Shampoo

The most powerful natural repellent shampoo. Perfect for sweet itch and mites or as a general summer wash.

This shampoo is both anti microbial and anti fungal. We have developed this mainly for treating feathers or itchy. mains and tails however a small amount can be diluted in a bucket for a post work out wash.**Mineral oil, SLS and paraben free, perfect for any sensitive types.

Repel Spray.

We have developed one of the most powerful, safe fly repellents!

This conditioning spray not only repels fly’s. It can be used on feathers to treat mites.

**Mineral oil, SLS and paraben free, perfect for any sensitive types. They are also fully FEI compliant.**

P.N. As a brand we are passionate about giving you the best products for your money. We are striving to develop as many products in-house allowing us to offer you the FINEST of products at affordable prices.


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