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*At Perfect Ponies, we are passionate about our environment and the legacy we leave our children! Making our mark by reducing our plastic consumption.*

Our Calmer’s are a cleverly blended, combination of essential oils proven to improve focus, clarity, combat stress and induce relaxation thus lowering the heart rate and increasing the RMSDD. Both the Balm and the Spritz start to work instantly. They are 100% natural, safe, FEI rule compliant and have been develop and supported by lots of research and evidence globally from veterinary and medical sources.

How to use?

Relax Spritz – Shake well and activate the oils. Lightly mist over the horse, we recommend by following with a soft brush, to disperse the spritz evenly throughout the coat.

As a bonus, this is a very light conditioning spray that leaves a subtle shine, without leaving a slippery residue.

**Mineral oil, SLS and paraben free, perfect for any sensitive types. They are also fully FEI compliant.**

P.N. As a brand we are passionate about giving you the best products for your money. We are striving to develop as many products in-house allowing us to offer you the FINEST of products at affordable prices.


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