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Use Lunge Lo as part of your weekly training. This simple device helps your Horse or Pony work in a correct outline resulting in greater overall Top Line. The Lunge Lo is available in Full, Cob & Pony sizes.

The Lunge Lo can be used in Lungeing and ridden work (recommended 2 times per week) DETAILED INFORMATION & FITTING: This Lunge Lo training aid is made from a long line of lightweight, soft, strong cord and reaches over the horse’s back, just behind the withers, between the front legs and up to either the bit rings or the lunge cavesson. When attached to the cavesson, it avoids any one-sided pulling on the bit rings. The Lunge Lo is designed to help develop throughness and topline without restricting natural movement. Helps develop topline and sympathetically encourage a correct way of working, the horse's hindquarters are engaged allowing the horse to work through his back.

How to fit: the horse wears the bridle minus the reins. Adjust the reins of the Lunge Lo to an equal length and loop the end of the rope to the desired length on the withers. The clips will be showing to the front of your horse which attach to the bit rings. Shorten the cord at the wither so that the horse is in an outline. Attach the lunge line to the bit ring

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