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Our girths have been designed with current studies and research in mind.

As most of you will be all too aware, a lot of money and research goes into the equine industry and gait analysis is a huge talking factor amongst the competition industry! which is understandable as it can ultimately be a deciding factor in the results.

The current findings with current investigations are:

  • The most pressure is felt behind the elbows. This is consistent in all disciplines but with different disciplines it differs in area.
  • Regardless of whether you’re working your horse on the flat or over fences, the highest pressure point is behind the elbows. The only difference is when it happens dependant on discipline.

On the flat the highest pressure felt, is at the elbows in full extension.

Whereas, when jumping the highest pressure felt, again is behind the elbows and on landing.

As you can see, an ill fitting girth or one not correctly contoured to the body can be detrimental to any performance, albeit on the flat or over a course, which is precisely why we have developed our uniquely shaped anatomical girths.

Our contoured shape and cushioning creates a lovely buffering zone, allowing the pressure that is inevitable in any discipline to disperse evenly.

The memory foam, internal layer acts as an impact zone, absorbing most of the negative energy before it reaches the horse, minimising any risk of injuries, and galls. The flexible webbing ends make girthing up an easy process, perfect for those cold backed steeds.

All in all, a wonderful and necessary addition to any team!

If we don’t have your size, don’t panic we make them to order, with a two week turn around…simply send us an email and we will get to work.

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