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Rain & Cold not a problem with Perfect Ponies Capes!

As with most things, I was inspired to designed these wonderful capes, by my eldest daughter Lily-Rose.

The struggles of having an infantile rider and a relatively novice lead rein pony in the winter months, and showing alone, became so stressful.

Simply trying to get a coat on & off making sure Lily stayed on, & the pony wasn’t too spooked by all the flapping became near impossible, and filled me with dread. All before we got into the ring!

And so I went home, looked online, ordered some fabric and got making!! And that really is how our wonderful story of Perfect Ponies began …..

As our wonderful business grew we developed our own signature fabric, creating an exclusive, essential part of  your show attire.  

With showing in mind, I have made them with a simple press stud at the neck line and lots of room around the arms, so they are PERFECT for working in keeping the rider warm, dry and clean!! They are also fabulous for lining up in the show ring on those colder dreary days as they are so quick to just whip off and they are made with the highest attention to detail as I’m a self confessed perfectionist. 

I hold the capes so dear to my heart. They were the catalyst of Our Quaint Little Brand. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do…don’t forget to share the love with #perfectponieshq


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