22 October 2018

Our Saddles!

About our exquisite Saddle’s

Our beautiful ‘Lily’ saddle has been designed with showing ponies & horses alike in mind.

It can be made from a tiny 13″ up to 18”

A truly versatile saddle designed to fit closely behind the shoulders, allowing fluid movement not causing any restrictive contact.

It’s discrete design, accentuates the natural confirmation of ANY breed without any compromise.

The saddle itself is made from the finest English leather and can be made in hide or suede. It has a memory foam seat with knee blocks hidden under the saddle flaps, giving effective but discrete knee support.

It is traditionally flocked with 100% lambswool, allowing for easy adjustment.

Then we have our stunning “Florence” saddles have been designed for those that need a little more knee roll without compromising the overall image in the show ring.

The saddle’s most innovative feature is the removable knee blocks. As standard they come with a 1” knee block but you can purchase larger knee blocks giving even more support making it a perfectly versatile saddle ideal for Working Hunter … The front panel contours perfectly around the blocks giving the illusion of a perfectly straight cut saddle.

The tree’s are specifically for those broad, rotund show types making saddles that stay put, hard to find.

The saddle itself can be made in either full hide, full suede or a combination of both suede seat and knee rolls and hide panels.

The seat is memory foam & It is traditionally flocked with 100% lambswool, allowing for easy adjustment.

Both our saddles are flocked with 100% lambswool and this benefits both horse and rider. Once a tree is determined to fit your horse and the saddle is made accordingly, the flocking can be adjusted to balance the seat from front to back ( for example: chair or bench seat), or it can balance a seat laterally that may be shifting off to one side. It can also alleviate pubic or seat bone pressure by rebalancing a seat that may not be perfect for a rider.

It can even make the saddle flaps feel more forward or more backward, depending on your need.

For the horse, flocking can do even more!

Most importantly it ensures even weight distribution over the surface of the saddle by keeping it level with consistent contact. This makes flocking the first and most accessible defence against pressure points and soreness caused by an ill fitting saddle.

But it goes beyond that! It allows a saddle to work for one horse much longer because it offers the flexibility to adjust the entire underside, as the horse changes. Flocking can also give you more flexibility in refitting a saddle from one horse to another, by adding or reducing wool where needed.

So why buy from Perfect Ponies??

Here at Perfect Ponies, we are passionate about biomechanics, gait analysis, locomotion, equine comfort and customer service.

We believe that by providing your horse with the correct foundations of good training & correctly fitted tack your 3/4 of a way to success, with the final 1/4 being polishing, turnout and determination.

We offer a bespoke service at NO extra cost because we know how essential it is to have a saddle that fits! Locomotion and comfort are paramount to performance in the ring and we believe the neither should be compromised because of price.

We offer a fully trained and forever improving service of measuring, fitting & adjustments as standard.

We are a friendly and honest company just here for our LOVE of horses and showing them off to their fullest potential.

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