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HOYS 2018!

WOW, all I can say is, Team Perfect Ponies went to HOY’s and SMASHED it!!!!! 

Well done GIRLS!!!! 

Firstly we had our littlest and newest Ambassador, Jasmine and her gorgeous mare ‘Choicey.’   They went to HOYs to see their final year on the lead, out with a BANG. 

The girls, looked impeccable and went foot perfect!  We were so proud watching the trio ‘live’ around the ring!! 

I had the pleasure of spending a full day with Jasmine on our photo shoot, and the relationship she has with her ponies and her kind nature, is truly inspirational! A wonderful horsewoman in the making and a real force to be reckoned with, in seasons to come. 

Then we have super Brooke! Anyone who follows our page will know that super Brooke is Fabulous!!

This year Brooke took her Wonderful ponies Pip and Reggie in the workers classes! 

Reggie flew round and got an amazing 5th in the 122 M&M class and Pip, who has been ‘a pony of a lifetime’ decided he wanted to retire in style!! 

Brooke is an amazing, gusty little rider & I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing I had an ounce of her skill & braveness! 

She works tirelessly with her stream of ponies and with her amazing supportive mum and as a team they travel the country and WOW everywhere they go! 

I’m so proud to have super Brooke in our team and I look forward to following & cheering her on throughout the future show seasons.

Finally, my dearest Lindy and her team of steeds ridden by the ever elegant Helen Cowley.

Starting the week of with ladies side saddle on the GORGEOUS Dragons Den. Standing at over 20 HH’s with the sidesaddle, this gentle giant went around that ring foot perfect and was pulled in an impressive 9th, an incredible achievement by any stretch, let alone given the fact he’d only had a side saddle put on him at the end of July…A true inspiration and romantic notion that dreams do come true. 

He then went on to compete in the heavyweight hunters and elegantly strode around that ring being the ever perfect showman that he is!! 

Then the Finale, Helen and Horseman’s Ace Card (Badger) took Champion Ridden Heavy Horse 2018, a video that gives me goosebumps even now!! 

What a fantastic achievement not only for their team but also to the fantastic Breed of the Shires! 

A breed I developed a love for in my shoeing days, a very under appreciated ridden horse. 

I’m so proud to support & be supported by such a fantastic team of “amateurs” and hope that we share some of their luck, when we campaign next year. 

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