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Today I interviewed of fabulous Chief Operations Officer. Part of our drive behind Perfect Ponies is to create a friendly community of cheerleaders! “In a world where you can be anything…Be Kind” We can’t wait to launch our series of blogs and interview and super excited for our little community to grow. If you have anything exciting to share or discuss, do get in touch. Where else best to start that getting to know the faces behind Perfect Ponies HQ… Today I interviewed the Wonderful Organiser behind the company our very talented Chief Operations Officer (who also happens to be my best friend and Sister, Ella.) Ella being the elder sister & middle child of the three of us, she is definitely the matriarch of the family and the steady force that also seems to have fallen into the role as the rock of the family. Even though most of these memories were shared events I thought I knew the answer too, I was so touched by the personal memories that I viewed so differently. What was your earliest memory of being around horses? “I can’t remember not loving horses! I learnt to ride at Mrs. Headley’s riding school when […]

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Instant Calmer’s – using the power of mother nature

Why do we suggest using essential oils for calming? Does your horse suffer from anxiety at competitions impeding her performance in the ring?! Anxiety and Stress is a completely normal and valid reaction from any horse, throughout anytime of disruption to their routine. Especially when taken to an event, when the adrenaline is pumping, there’s strange sounds, smells, noises and the owner’s anxiety is also at an all-time high. However, that doesn’t stop it from being very frustrating given all the time preparing, training, grooming and travelling to competitions. As you know we LOVE essential oils here at Perfect Ponies HQ. Not only because they smell amazing but because their therapeutic value is incredible. Essential Oils are chemical compounds and if used correctly are as powerful as conventional drugs. (Please note, we think conventional medicine is wonderful and we are not suggesting stopping prescribed treatment but used in conjunction. Essential oils can be a wonderful therapy) We have been wanting to release a calmer for some time now. We have looked at the current market of calmers. They mainly consist of things to be ingested. From cookies, pastes and supplements. The majority have to be fed over a period of […]

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The Hopes, Dreams and Sparkles of 2020

Welcome to Perfect Ponies…The Boutique of Champions!! A brand passionate about bringing you quality items, all handmade and ethically sourced from our wonderful little island. Wow!! What a journey the last 18 months has been!! I really can’t thank you enough for all you love and cheerleading along the way! We have lots of exciting additions, brands and developments to share with you and as you may have gathered, we have a huge vision for our future. We can’t wait to share the rest of our journey with you but for now; here’s what’s exciting and new at Perfect Ponies HQ Firstly, my darling sister is on board as COO at Perfect Ponies HQ. We’ve been working on lots of exciting projects together and are both very excited about our partnership and development of Perfect Ponies. Our Botanicals range has been launched!! A labour of love we’re immensely proud off. These products are not only to get you Show Ring ready, but they are perfectly blended, essential oils, providing therapeutic qualities, perfect to aid in the ‘at home’ production. Coming soon! We are so excited to launch the ’Therapy Range’ Perfect horses don’t just appear in the ring, they are […]

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Rain & Cold not a problem with Perfect Ponies Capes!

As with most things, I was inspired to designed these wonderful capes, by my eldest daughter Lily-Rose. The struggles of having an infantile rider and a relatively novice lead rein pony in the winter months, and showing alone, became so stressful. Simply trying to get a coat on & off making sure Lily stayed on, & the pony wasn’t too spooked by all the flapping became near impossible, and filled me with dread. All before we got into the ring! And so I went home, looked online, ordered some fabric and got making!! And that really is how our wonderful story of Perfect Ponies began ….. As our wonderful business grew we developed our own signature fabric, creating an exclusive, essential part of  your show attire.   With showing in mind, I have made them with a simple press stud at the neck line and lots of room around the arms, so they are PERFECT for working in keeping the rider warm, dry and clean!! They are also fabulous for lining up in the show ring on those colder dreary days as they are so quick to just whip off and they are made with the highest attention to detail as I’m a […]

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