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Our fantastic new range, one that has been 7 years in the making and very much a passion of mine. My love of aromatherapy and the healing power of essential oils & Mother Nature began as a desperate mum trying to sort my very sore baby’s skin out! Lily (who’s not so little now) had weeping eczema, she had prescribed cream on 8 times a day! It formed a horrible layer on her skin, but still didn’t make any difference, we even resorted to steroids! However, applying such a powerful medicine to my little Baby didn’t sit right! So I began to educate myself. I quickly discovered that (at that time) 90% of topical creams, washes, shampoos etc were mineral oil based…a derivative of petroleum…that’s right Petrol! (I will go into this in more detail in the blog but as you can imagine it’s a huge irritant and terrible for sensitive skin) So fast forward .. I began to trial every brand of organic creams some worked some didn’t and they cost a fortune…so I began to make my own “balm” it worked !!! We were gobsmacked and couldn’t believe the results. Simple base oils, healing essential oils, Shea butter […]

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Showmanship, Sportsmanship and our Parental Influence….

Showmanship, Sportsmanship and our Parental Influence….   This weekend Lily and I went to a relatively big show,  we had the most awesome time!! We laughed lots, ate tons of ice cream and even managed to smash it with a couple of reds and reserved champion .. but most importantly we had a genuinely awesome day! But I saw some things that made my heart hurt and as an advocate for the show industry I feel thats it’s an issue than needs highlighting, not just one to be brushed under the carpet and a deaf ear turned! We as parents are our children’s biggest influencers and this is the most precious gift we should cherish. I read an article today, stating that we only have 18 whole summers with our children, which, I think adds a lot of perspective to how fleeting our time is with our little munchkins. First and foremost I’m a Mum! Anything my children do makes me so proud! For example the time Lily made the feeds and didn’t get distracted (we’ve been perfecting that for the past 3 years haha) or that she can now put the pony out by herself, they both chat a […]

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