13 January 2020


Our fantastic new range, one that has been 7 years in the making and very much a passion of mine.

My love of aromatherapy and the healing power of essential oils & Mother Nature began as a desperate mum trying to sort my very sore baby’s skin out!

Lily (who’s not so little now) had weeping eczema, she had prescribed cream on 8 times a day! It formed a horrible layer on her skin, but still didn’t make any difference, we even resorted to steroids! However, applying such a powerful medicine to my little Baby didn’t sit right! So I began to educate myself.

I quickly discovered that (at that time) 90% of topical creams, washes, shampoos etc were mineral oil based…a derivative of petroleum…that’s right Petrol! (I will go into this in more detail in the blog but as you can imagine it’s a huge irritant and terrible for sensitive skin)

So fast forward .. I began to trial every brand of organic creams some worked some didn’t and they cost a fortune…so I began to make my own “balm” it worked !!! We were gobsmacked and couldn’t believe the results. Simple base oils, healing essential oils, Shea butter & beeswax … it couldn’t have been anymore stripped back to nature..but within a week her skin was clear and has been for the past 6years!

That’s when the obsession was born 😬 I completed my aromatherapy course and have used essential oils in the home, on the children and on the farm with great success.

The queen bee of the yard (pumpkin) has so many allergies and reacts to most products, hence the need for some stable staples to keep her in show condition.

We aim to keep our botanicals range as really simple, effective products that work and are really versatile across the stable yard, yet at affordable prices.

We hope you like & are as excited about our botanicals range, as we are!!!


🌸 The Science behind it 🌸

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years as traditional remedies to enhance health and wellbeing. Essential oils have stood the test of time and the practice of aromatherapy is well established in the lexicon of natural healing.

A single essential oil contain as many as 100 chemical components which work together to give the oil it’s unique properties and aroma. Each component plays a role but some are more dominant and determine how an oil will act on the the horses body and mind. The chemistry of oils are made up of major, minor and trace components, the all work together to optimise the oils aroma and therapeutic value. Which is why it is paramount to choose the correct combination of oils so they holistically work together to heal Mind, Body and Soul.

The Horse’s skin is a very complex organism. It is the horses largest organ, ranging from 12-24% of his weight, dependant on age. There are three main layers that make up your horses skin. These various cellular and tissue components consist of the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. This intricate composition of cells, tissues, chemicals, nerves and energy is simply called skin. Yet it does the one of the most important jobs on the horses body, it acts as the horses protector.

  • the horses hair provides a mechanical protection and acts as a filtering system and insulator.
  • the superficial layer of the epidermis with its highly developed, tough, durable and flexible membrane acts as a chemical and waterproofing structure.
  • the skin provides protection from the suns rays and it regulates your horses temperature through it’s sweating mechanism.

Ultimately, the skin communicates the well being of your horses health. It is a vital, sensory organ that provides information about the condition and well being of our horse.

So how do essential oils play such a vital role in the healing and therapeutic process???

The molecular structure of essential oils are, small and simple making it easy for them to pass through the skin. Essential oils enter the body through the body through the skin via the ducts of the sweat glands and hair follicles. The skin produces its own sebum and the essential oils absorb readily into this fatty layer. Once they have passed through this layer the enter the blood stream and pass through the rest of the body. Thus the healing process begins.

What properties and benefits can Essential Oils provide???

As with aromatherapy in humans, Essential oils provide therapy and healing to the horses mind and body.

Mind – Various oils can be blended for both calming and focusing properties. They have many components that affect the nervous system. Helping to enhance wellbeing, concentration and focus, relaxation, balance and energy.

Body – Essential oils, heal by harnessing the medicinal properties that are traditionally associated with plants. Essential Oils can be anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, cleansing, , anti fungal, anti microbial and boost immunity.

So with that in mind all the product we make here at Perfect Ponies are design to harness the oils properties and provide you with products and therapies that enable you to produce your steed to perfection, by not only looking fabulous but they will feel fabulous too!!













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